Friday, 17 July 2015

Charity Commission News Strategic Plan 2015 - 18

The Charity Commission will consult on charging charities to pay for regulation, it said in a strategic plan.
The strategic plan for 2015-18 said the Commission has shifted resources into monitoring and investigations. It has identified four key strategic aims for the Commission which are “protecting charities from abuse or mismanagement”; “enabling trustees to run their charities effectively”; “encouraging greater transparency and accountability in charities”; and “operating as an efficient expert regulator with sustainable funding”.

'Alternative funding sources' 

The plan says the Charity Commission aims to reduce its dependence on taxpayer funding, and will do this by actively pursuing "alternative funding sources", including consulting on proposals for an annual charge for registered charities.
It says it will invest the additional funding given to it by the Treasury in 2014 in “redesigning our operating model and business processes to reduce complexity and achieve higher efficiency and in new digital applications, making it easier for trustees and others to deal with us”.
Strategic Plan 2015-18 Strategic Plan 2015-18: Giving the public confidence in charities June 2015 1 of 4 Giving the public confidence in charities

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