Thursday, 19 November 2015

John Williams, vice chair of the Association of Chairs, has said that it is “extraordinary” that the Charity Commission does not recognise chairs as anything other than trustees.

Williams was speaking at the ICAEW’s annual conference for the charity sector on Shaping the future of the charity landscape, in a session called ‘Charities under scrutiny: new challenges for trustee boards’.
He said that the lack of guidance specific to chairs from the regulator is part of the reason why the Association of Chairs was set up in 2013.
Williams said: “The Charity Commission doesn’t really recognise chairs at all, it is rather extraordinary thing. There is CC3 - the essential trustee, but there is no essential chair.”
He said that being a chair is “a tough job and chairs tell us it is a very lonely job”.
He said: “It is pretty tough being a trustee but if you are at the head of all those governance pressures it is even harder.”

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