Thursday, 15 June 2017

Introducing PAVO's new Thriving Third Sector Development Officer.

Following the departure of Sally Yigit from PAVO at the beginning of April, a new officer has been appointed to deliver the Thriving Third Sector programme, which aims to assist voluntary organisations across Powys tackle issues of governance and sustainability.

The new post holder is Nick Venti, who has worked extensively in the Third Sector in Powys over the past fourteen years, both as a project officer on a number of community projects and as a trustee and director of local charities and third sector organisations.


Nick's role is primarily to facilitate a process of organisational review. This can mean looking at how an organisation functions against its governing document or the make up and sustainability of the trustee board. Does the need for which the organisation was originally set up still exist - or has it achieved its aim or been diverted away from delivering against its primary purpose? It can mean looking at the financial arrangements of the organisation to ensure that it has strategies in place to meet its costs. Or it could be a case of preparing an organisation for new challenges, such as taking on the delivery of new services, or the running of a community asset.

Whatever the potential challenges facing an organisation, the project aims to provide proactive help that will allow trustees and directors see their way to managed solutions, preferably before real problems develop.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your organisations governance or sustainability, or are simple interested in taking an organisational health check, then contacting Nick is a good place to start.

He can be reached on 01686 626 220 or via e-mail at:

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