Thursday, 6 July 2017

Funding Preference Service and Fundraising

Short notice, but you may not have heard that the WCVA is holding a series of events looking at fundraising - and particularly the potential implications of the new Funding Preference Service (launching today).

For those of you who haven't yet come across the Funding Preference Service, it is being launched by the Fund Raising Regulator and is designed to allow donors to opt out of receiving communications on charity campaigns. In short, all charities with an income over £100,000 a year have to proactively register with the service. A donor who wishes to stop receiving communications can then search for the charity in question on the Preference Service and chose a number of means (such as text messaging, e-mail, phone or post) to opt out of communications.

At present there is no requirement for smaller charities, conducting more localised campaigns, to register with the Service, but such charities may receive a stop notice if a donor requests to no longer receive your communications through the Regulator. In this instance your charity will be duty bound to follow the advice supplied and remove the donor from your contact database.

The only action required of small charities at present is to ensure that your charity's contact details, held by the Charity Commission, are up to date - so that the Regulator can contact you if a stop notice is received.

More information on the Funding Preference Service can be found on the Funding Regulators Blog here.

For further information on the WCVA fund raising event, which is taking place at the PAVO offices in Llandrindod Wells this coming Monday (10th July) see the poster here. You can book your place via the link here.

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