Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Small charities face a "hurricane of change" in the economic, political and technological environment they operate in, and government and funders must change the way they operate to help, according to a report today published by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Charity Commission urges trustees to get to grips with financial duties

Trustees should use essential finance guidance to help improve compliance

It was announced last night by Chief Executive Paula Sussex that the Charity Commission has updated a key piece of its financial guidance - Charity finances: trustee essentials (CC25) - in a drive to ensure trustees understand their basic financial responsibilities when running a charity.
Speaking at the ICAEW’s annual dinner in London, Sussex confirmed that trustees’ legal duties regarding financial management haven’t changed but that the Commission is making a conscious push to ensure trustees are best placed to protect their charity’s assets and resources. As part of this, it is urging trustees to read Charity finances: trustee essentials (CC25) which has been refreshed and made more accessible and readable.
In her speech last night Sussex also called on financial professionals and accountants to take a leadership role in the renewal of financial governance in the charity sector.

Paula Sussex, Chief Executive at the Charity Commission said:

"Robust financial management is vital to ensure that charities are able to meet the needs of their beneficiaries and also to increase public trust and confidence in the charitable sector. We’ve seen in our casework that weak financial governance can be extremely destabilising for charities, affect their ability to operate, and leave them vulnerable to fraud and abuse. It is vital that trustees are familiar with the charity’s governing document, understand the finances, ensure control and procedures are in place and work, and ask the right - and sometimes difficult - questions.
We are making a concerted and deliberate effort to support trustees where we identify weaknesses and providing readable and easily understandable guidance is vital to this. We also recognise that trustees often don’t have the time or resources to read multiple lengthy documents on good practice. Charity finances: trustee essentials will act as the ‘go-to’ financial publication that trustees and charity staff can refer to, to address any knowledge gaps or get assurances on whether they are doing the right thing."
Addressing attendees at the event, she added:
"I am asking ICAEW members, trustees and those engaged with charities as auditors, advisers, or supporters, to play your part in improving standards and stewardship. We want to see you helping raise trustees’ game, really making a difference to charity governance and financial management. Our expectations are in line with the Institute’s work in this area and broader ambitions. Your manifesto for charities calls for the same improvements in trustee competence that we are trying to bring about. Another of the Institute’s calls to action is to provide effective education for all trustees via online modules. We have already had some valuable discussions with the Institute about how we can support this work. We are also talking together about how the Institute as a professional membership body can do more to support and promote adherence to the revised Code of Good Governance for the Voluntary Sector. Our partnership is important and we value it."
Charity finances: trustee essentials (CC25), originally published in 2011 as Managing charity assets and resources (CC25), covers the most common areas of managing charity resources including internal financial controls, charity reserves, and staff and volunteers, signposting further reading where required. Charity governance, finance and resilience: 15 questions trustees should ask has also been re-published today. The Commission is conducting a wider ongoing review of how it supports trustees in this area, including working with external partners and umbrella bodies and improving navigation to its online guidance.

Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive of the Charity Finance Group said:

"While most charities manage their resources well, we know that there are gaps in skills and knowledge, particular for smaller organisations. Charities must put financial management and leadership at the heart of their organisation in the years ahead. As we face choppy waters with continued funding pressures and the risk of economic instability, it is more important than ever that charities have the capacity to manage their finances and adapt their business models. Accountants and auditors have a critical role to play. Financial professionals and charities must keep working together to ensure that our sector has the skills and support they need to meet future challenges.
I warmly welcome the collaborative approach to CC25 from the Charity Commission, which is the right approach. We can give better support to charities if we can draw on the expertise and knowledge from across the sector."
(source: The Charity Commission)

Charity governance, finance and resilience: 15 questions trustees should ask

Use this checklist to review your charity's effectiveness at AGMs, trustee meetings, away-day discussions or planning meetings 
(updated 16th March 2017)

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(source: The Charity Commission)

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


We are delighted to announce that Big Lottery and Groundworks Wales will be attending our Drop in at Powis Castle on:

  • Thursday 30th March 2017 
  • 2 - 3.30pm
No need to book, but they will be available to tell you about their current funding streams and what you can access.

Groundworks manage the Tesco's Bags of Help scheme, and they are looking to find projects in Powys that can take part.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Charities are a big target for cyber criminals

Charities are being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals because they often hold a large amount of data about stakeholders, an information security expert has warned

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Thought for the week

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our Monday thought for the week to help keep us inspired and encourage us through the week ahead of Trusteeship!

"Thought for the Week"

“The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of it's heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker~ Helen Keller

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Charity sector divided in reaction to the Spring Budget

There were just three mentions of ‘charity’ in the official Budget document, but sector leaders are divided on whether this is good or bad news for the sector. 
Today’s Budget announcement contained very little in the way of specific announcements for the sector. Some sector figures have said that they are disappointed and that there was not more support for the sector in today’s announcements, but others said that stability was welcome. 

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Charity Commission does not know how many charities pay trustees

The Charity Commission does not know how many charities currently pay their trustees, or how many it has allowed to do so, but it is considering asking about it on a future iteration on the annual return form

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Thought for the week

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our Monday thought for the week to help keep us inspired and encourage us through the week ahead of Trusteeship!

"Thought for the Week"

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices ~ Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Thursday, 2 March 2017

We're coming to you Welshpool!


PAVO will be holding not one, not two, but three events in Welshpool on -

Thursday 30th March
The beautiful setting of POWIS CASTLE!

10 – 1PM : Trusty Trustee Roadshow
Presentations and workshops around:
·        good governance,
·        what trustees need to know and
·        how to read charity accounts. 
N.B.  This event isn’t just for trustees, staff members of voluntary organisations can attend too, as it’s all really useful information to know.

2 – 3.30pm : Outreach and Drop In
Have you got a burning question you’d like answered?  Would you like the opportunity to have a one to one with PAVO Development Officers?  This is your opportunity.

4 – 6pm : Meet and Greet
Do you know how PAVO can help your organisation?  Would you like to find out more?  Come to our meet and greet to see how we can support you.



Bydd PAVO yn cynnal nid un, nid dau ond tri digwyddiad yn Trallwng - 

Mewn lleoliad hyfryd sef

10 – 1yh : Sioe Deithiol ‘Trusty Trustee’
Gyflwyniadau a gweithdai ynglŷn â:
·        llywodraethu da,
·        beth sydd angen i ymddiriedolwyr ei wybod a
·        cyfrifon elusennau. 
N.B.  Nid i ymddiriedolwyr yn unig mae'r digwyddiad hwn, gall aelodau staff o sefydliadau gwirfoddol fynychu hefyd, mae’r wybodaeth yn berthnasol iddynt hwy hefyd.
I archebu cliciwch yma - 

2 – 3.30yh : Allgymorth a Galw i Mewn
Oes gennych chi gwestiwn llosg y byddech yn hoffi ateb iddo? Hoffech chi y cyfle i gael siarad un i un gyda Swyddogion Datblygu PAVO? Dyma’ch cyfle.

 4 – 6yh : Cyfarfod a Chyfarch
Ydych chi'n gwybod sut y gall PAVO helpu eich sefydliad? Hoffech chi wybod mwy? Dewch i'n cwrdd a chyfarch i weld sut y gallwn eich cefnogi.